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Drug Abuse in the News

Reform welfare, yes, but don't punish the poor

Both the state Assembly and the Senate have passed a package of welfare reform bills that is, on balance, a step in the right direction, but there are flaws in the bills that should be amended going forward. On the positive side, the legislation, sure to be signed by the governor, embraces the fundamental principles of a sound welfare system. [...]

Man charged with intent to deal heroin

A 26-year-old Minot man is accused of intending to deal heroin after the car he was in was stopped near Berthold Wednesday. Stephen Brown II is charged with Class B felony possession of heroin with intent to deliver in district court in Minot. [...]

LSU Greek Life task force makes recommendations, 4 months after hazing death of LSU student

After four months of deliberations following the hazing death of a pledge, LSU's task force on Greek Life presented 28 recommendations for overseeing fraternities and sororities, including an amnesty policy and moving Greek tailgating to chapter houses. LSU President F. King Alexander plans in March to bring the recommendations to a meeting of presidents of other universities. [...]

St. Charles Parish president agrees to enter DWI diversion program

St. Charles Parish President Larry Cochran has agreed to a pre-trial diversion program following his arrest on DWI in Jefferson Parish. St. Charles Parish President Larry Cochran has enrolled in a six-month drug diversion program in Jefferson Parish, a spokesman for District Attorney Paul Connick's office confirmed Thursday . [...]

Autopsy: Ex-judge Baumgartner died from natural causes

Former Knox County Criminal Court Judge Richard Baumgartner died from internal bleeding brought on by a ruptured artery, autopsy records from the Regional Forensic Center show. The New York native, 70, was found dead the afternoon of Jan. 23 at his farm on Rush Miller Road. [...]

Maine Recreational Marijuana Law Limits Workplace Drug Testing As...

A provision of Maine's recreational marijuana law prohibits employers from taking adverse employment actions for off-premises marijuana use, as of February 1, 2018. This law effectively prevents Maine employers from testing for marijuana for pre-employment purposes. [...]

The Investigator | Air traffic controllers subject to expanded drug testing

"We only have to know where one plane is going. The controller has to know where 10 planes are going," says veteran pilot Larry Rohl. [...]

"Bill of the month": A college student's $17,850 drug test

In her late 20s and attending college in Texas, Elizabeth Moreno suffered from debilitating back pain caused by a spinal abnormality. "I just could not live with the pain," she said. [...]

Human Rights Watch blasts private probation companies in Missouri

Pre-trial bond and probation officer Stephanie Rothe, from Missouri Probation & Supervision Services, shows how a client can be monitored 24 hours with his GPS tracking device. Rothe was watching a client who was traveling on Interstate 70 on his way to school on Nov. 1, 2012. [...]

A lesson on drug testing -

The Mason County Prevention Coalition recently held its regularly scheduled meeting, hearing from a representative of Reliant Drug Test Solutions. Steve Patrick, owner and president of Reliant Drug Test Solutions, shared that he began his business in 2010 in Hurricane. [...]

Man accused of driving high on drugs

Carlos M. Camacho-Ramos, 66, 1429 Gill St., apt. 449A, was arrested shortly after midnight Tuesday on the 200 block of Thompson Boulevard. [...]

The Future of Employee Drug Testing and Why a Marijuana Group Backs It

Today, February 21, as we've reported, Denver's National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws branch is taking part in a lobbying day at the Colorado State Capitol during which lawmakers will get the chance to learn about a major element in the group's attempt to fix drug-testing laws that put cannabis users at risk of being fired for lawful use. Specifically, they'll be able to try out Alert Meter , which tests for impairment rather than relying on blood or fluid draws that Denver NORML sees as undependable and unfair. [...]

Physician certified as medical review officer

Dr. John W. Gehman, of Juniata Valley Occupational Health at 27 Sandy Lane, Suite 250, Lewistown, was recently recertified as a Medical Review Officer. This certification is required for the provision of drug and alcohol testing which is provided by Juniata Valley Occupational Health for the tri-county area and beyond. [...]

Recruitment company wants plan to find jobs for drug-test failers

Shocked at the number of people unable to pass pre-employment drug tests, a Hawke's Bay recruitment company is pleading for something to be done before the situation gets "out of control". Hastings-based The Recruitment Company wants support to help people being left without jobs because they are unable to pass drugs tests. [...]

Reshaping drug tests

The method involves fabricating a tiny hole in a silicon chip over which lipid membranes, similar to those that surround cells, are encouraged to grow. An ion channel is then synthesized separately and knocked into the membrane during centrifugation. [...]