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Background Check Authorization Forms


Step #1 - Identify what form/s will be needed for your specific search. The person/organization requesting this action will determine what search to conduct.

Step #2 - Click the appropriate download button and print the forms. Each form consists of 2 pages.

Step #3 - Complete the forms in their entirety.

Step #4 - Fax back completed forms. Our fax number is here. All of your information will be held in the strictest of confidence and results will only be released to your designated recipient via fax.

Step #5 – Upon receipt of your completed forms, you will be personally contacted within 24 hours by one of our technicians to answer any of your questions, and to initiate the appropriate background checks.


General Background Check

Download General Background Check Form  General Background Checks are the most commonly used background checks for felony and misdemeanor criminal history in a city, county, state or nationwide search. Checks can also be conducted on residential history, driving records, social security number verification, education and certification verification and previous employment history. This is a very general search and can be tailored to meet specific requirements of the requesting authority.

Credit History Check

Download Credit History Check Form  Credit history reports are used specifically for checking the three main personal credit bureaus; Experian, Equifax, and TransUnion. These reports are used for a variety of reasons and the results are good indicators of personal responsibility, accountability and history of handling financial matters.